Super Economical Series

Super Economical Series

MADAAN JACQUARD FACTORY PVT. LIMITED, SUPER ECONOMICAL series are built Nominally for weaving Sarees on Power Looms only.


1. MADAAN MJF Electronic Jacquard orbit series is very unique as it is specially designed for customers having low Shed height and small doors, as the machine is designed with 12 Rows of Modules, width 30" and height 30"

2. Rapid and simple installation on all kinds of Power Looms.

3. Ideally used for weaving sarees

4. Easy and feasible mechanism to adjust the height of the machine


1. Structure is based upon GEAR With Ball Bearing

2. Shedding range fixed on 100 MM
3. Speed can run up to 120 RPM

4. Touch Screen 7" display with advanced feature

5. Supports 8 separate files for weaving beautiful sarees 

6. Supports BMP, EP, and JC5 File

7. Driven with Chain

8. Models Available from 640, 960,1536 and 1920 Hooks

Madaan Jacquard : E-Catalogue Contains Full Details Of Our Products.