Dynamic Series

Dynamic Series

MADAAN JACQUARD FACTORY PVT. LIMITED, Dynamic series is solidly built for weaving flat fabric on all kinds of Rapier Looms, water jets,s, and air jets.
dynamic series can also work matchless with Terry Towel, sarees, blankets, Shawls, Stolls, curtain, and many other items as per customer requirements.


1. MADMAN MJF Electronic Jacquard Dynamic series is very hunky, durable, and designed for long-running with low maintenance 

2. Rapid and simple installation on all kinds of Rapier Looms, Water jet, and air jet

3. Ideal for Heavy Loading 
4. Dynamic series is specially designed with an accurate gesture which creates no vibration in motion

5. Easy and feasible mechanism to adjust the height of the machine 


1. Structure is based upon chain drive system

2. Shedding range can be simply modified from 60MM to 110MM

3. Speed can run up to 600 RPM

4. Fully enclosed and highly reliable electrical control system

5. Touch Screen 7" display with advanced feature 

6. Supports BMP, EP, and JC5 File

7. Can Assist Electronic Finger

8. Can Assist Electronic Take up and Electronic Let-off

9. Driven with Gear Box 

10. Models Available from 960, 1344, 2688, 4032, 5376, 6144, 8448, and 10560 Hooks

Madaan Jacquard : E-Catalogue Contains Full Details Of Our Products.